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How IoT Technology Is Revolutionizing the Auto-Industry

by Jacklyn Pritchard  (a year ago)

By 2040, 90% of all new cars will be connected by IoT according to reports by the TechJury Review. IoT is currently used on the road for various functions such as predicting traffic, giving accident related updates and in vehicle maintenance.

6 Best practices to market your IoT Product

by Razvan Girmacea  (2 years ago)

In the last few years, we saw significant growth in the number of new IoT products and companies.

By the IoT Analytics, the number of connected devices that are in use worldwide now exceeds 17 billion, with the number of IoT devices at 7 billion (that number does not include smartphones, tablets, laptops or fixed line phones).

Starlink ... The Internet of Space

by Alexandru Radovici  (2 years ago)

Internet in Space is not something new, there are a lot of satellites handling this job, but Starlink is something different. We are talking here about a network of 12,000 satellites (yes, you read right, it's many thousands) that fly from 350 Km to 1160 Km above our heads and route Internet traffic really fast using lasers. This sounds like the Dutch boy from Geostorm ... if you've seen the movie.

Each of the satellites will have a data bandwidth of 20Gbps, that means a combined total of 240Tbps, almost as much as the total Internet traffic of today that is 295Tbps.

It might sound Sci-Fi, but SpaceX just got the FCC approval to deploy it... And when SpaceX promises something, they usually deliver.

Even though SpaceX is not the only company that proposed something like this (OneWeb, Space Norway, Telesat, and even Facebook is looking into it as well), they're the only ones that actually have a working rocket to place the satellites in orbit. So we would put our money on them.

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